Badging Process

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Online Badging Application for Applicants and Signatories:

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Zero Gifts Ethics Policy Training

Disability Awareness and Assistance Program Training​

Union Representative Badging Protocol

ORD Signatory Training Information:

Initial Training for new Signatories is generally held twice a month; day and time varies. ​

Initial Signatory training must be scheduled with the ID Badging Compliance office by submitting an Employer Information and Authorization Form.​

For new signatories setting up their company for the first time, please refer to Company Registration.
To remain active, Signatories are required to attend a Refresher Training Class annually. Signatories should refer to their prior year's training certification for their exact date of renewal.

The Annual Refresher Signatory training can be scheduled at

General Information:

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has revised the List of Acceptable Documents. Please scroll below to view what documents are acceptable in order to obtain an airport badge.

There are three types of ID badges at O'Hare. All ID badges are color coded to visually identify persons authorized to enter controlled access areas.

  • PURPLE -  Badge holders have access only to or in the Sterile Area.
  • GREEN - Badge holders have  access to and in the Secured Area, Sterile Area and ​AOA. 
  • BLUE - Badge holders have the same access as green badge holders; however the blue color denotes "Public Safety." Blue ID badge holders are normally Chicago Police, Chicago Fire and those individuals specifically assigned first responder duties as a primary function, and are authorized to respond to emergencies within the Secured Area, Sterile Area, and/or AOA.

ID badges are not to be altered or defaced in any way. The only holes that are to be punched into the ID badge will be accomplished in the ID Badging Office. Stickers or decals are not allowed to be affixed to the ID badges. ID badges that are altered or tampered with are subject to fines starting at $50.00.

ID badges may be renewed as early as thirty (30) days prior to their expiration dates. However once an ID badge expires, renewals must be processed within thirty (30) days or the applicant will be considered a new issue applicant and will be required to submit to finger prints and all other associated new issue requirements.

One ID from each list below is required:​

Primary Identification​ ​Secondary Identification
State Drivers License or​ Unexpired US Passport or​
State ID or​ ​Social Security Card or​
Unexpired US Passport or​​ Birth Certificate or​
Unexpired Foreign Passport (VISA) or​ Marriage License or​
Other (See Form I-9) ​Permanent Resident Card or​
Other (See Form I-9)​

Escort Privilege​​:

Only SIDA Airport ID Badge holders with Escort privileges may provide escort into the SIDA and Sterile Area. This authority is determined by the Authorized Signatory based on an employee’s job duties and responsibilities. The number of badge holders with Escort privileges must be tightly controlled the Authorized Signatory. Staff who are performing escort duties must be reminded that:

  • Escorted individuals must be continuously accompanied and monitored while in the SIDA and Sterile Area. Those being escorted must be within visual and audible distance of their escort at all times.
  • Escorted access is permitted for those who have not been issued a SIDA badge provided they have an acceptable, valid government picture ID and are properly escorted by an individual possessing a valid Airport ID Badge with Escort authority, designated by an “E” for Escort.
  • Badge holders who have been issued a badge, but have misplaced, lost, or forgotten it, may NOT be escorted.
  • ​Before escorting a person, ensure they are not carrying any prohibited items
  • An Airport ID Badge holder may pass responsibility for an escorted person to another badge holder having Escort authority after briefing the individual on the purpose of the escort and receiving acknowledgment that the badge holder will assume responsibility for continuing the escort.
  • Individuals cannot escort more than eight persons without the approval of the Airport Security Coordinator.
  • ​​An individual can only be escorted for a maximum of 30 consecutive calendar days. If a person needs access into the SIDA and/or Sterile Area beyond 30 days, they are required to obtain an Airport ID Badge that is appropriate for their job responsibility.