New Companies or Company Registration

​​​Companies operating at Midway must first register with the Office of Compliance to create and establish an ID Badge company account. A completed Employer Information and Authorization form (EIAF)​ is required to create a new company account. Where applicable, the Primary Tenant acts as the sponsoring agency for all sub-tenants, contractors, and vendors and must review, approve, and sign all ID Badging forms and applications. All new companies must confer with their sponsoring agency/tenant for approval and initial company setup. When submitting the EIAF, companies must designate at least one Authorized Signatory who shall serve as the primary link for the company and the ID Badging Office. The completed EIAF shall be submitted to the Compliance Office. Upon successful submission of the EIAF, signatories may proceed to the ID Badging Office with a completed Midway CDA Badge Application​​. Only the first application can be handwritten. Please allow 24-48 hours to process.​​​