Vehicle Permits

Vehicle Permits are issued only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Permit requests must be made to the ID Badging Office no later than 48 hours prior to pickup.

All vehicles driven on the AOA/SIDA/"Secured Area" must be registered with the ID Badging Office. While on the AOA, registered vehicles must have a valid Vehicle Permit displayed in plain view, in the windshield of the vehicle on the driver's side, at all times.

Company vehicles will be issued permits only when the Tenant verifies that each vehicle is covered by a valid insurance policy for $5,000,000 of vehicle liability. Be advised that the City of Chicago's Office of Risk Management may require a different amount of liability in certain circumstances.

The company owning the vehicle(s) requiring authorization to drive on the AOA must complete and submit, to the ID Badging Office, a Company Vehicle Access Form - Airfield. For Contractors performing construction work at O'Hare, the completed Company Vehicle Access Form - Airfield, must be submitted to the Airport Owners Representatives (AOR) for processing.

The vehicle permit expiration date will be the expiration date of the insurance policy or the expiration date of the contract with the company, whichever date comes first.

Lost or Stolen Permits

Lost or stolen Vehicle Permits must immediately be reported to the Midway Communications Center (773) 838-0656. Individuals having their permit lost or stolen must then file a report with the Chicago Police Department.

Replacement of Lost or Stolen Vehicle Permits

Persons applying for a replacement Vehicle Permit must submit a copy of the police report, a Company check or money order in the amount of $50.00, and a completed Vehicle Permit Application to the ID Badging Office. Expired vehicle permits should be removed from the vehicle immediately.​​​​​​​​