ID Badging Office Procedures

​The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) issues ID badge for O’Hare (ORD) and Midway (MDW) airports that serve as both forms of identification and as access control mediums.

ID badges are issued to staff of airport tenants, partners and companies who are employed at the airport and/or provide goods & services directly to the airports. Companies requesting ID badges for staff must have an operational need requiring employees to access controlled areas. 

Each airport is unique with different layouts and security measures. As a result, badges are unique to each airport; an ORD ID Badge is not acceptable airport ID at MDW and vice versa. Accordingly, badging procedures must be completed at each airport where access is required. While every effort has been made to provide clear communication, signatories and their badge holding staff are urged to refer to their ID badge Regulations and Practices Handbook for detailed information regarding all badging procedures.​​​

The badge is property of the Chicago Department of Aviation. The badge must be displayed at all times while on the airfield or in other secure areas of the airport. The badge is not transferable and shall be surrendered upon request or termination of employment. Use of the badge by anyone other than issued is a violation of airport regulations. Any suspected or known misuse of the badge may result in revocation.  Any and all alternation of the badge is strictly prohibited. Only the CDA may perforate, alter or modify the badging any way. Any alternation of the badge may result in fines or penalties. ​